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High School 1907

High School 1907

Globe Mill and the Red Bridge

Globe Mill and the Red Bridge

East Main Street 1958

East Main Street 1958

RR Station

RR Station

Lake Street

Lake Street

Chateaugay Historical Society Inc.




The Chateaugay Historical Society was Provisionally Chartered as a not-for-profit educational corporation by the State Education Department in 2006 and was granted its Absolute or Permanent Charter in 2014. We are housed in the Archival Center on the second floor of the Chateaugay Town Hall.


2023-2024 Officers and Trustees
President –Mary Humiston
Vice President – Phyllis Thompson
Secretary – Rose Mary Hiscock
Treasurer – Michael Jarvis
Trustees –  Robert Bessette

                   Lynn Harrigan

                   Katelyn Legacy-Roulston
                   Edith Lopardo

                   Jo Ellen Saumier




Archival Center

Open for visits, questions or research:

From April 1 through September 30:


Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00 noon.

From October 1 through April 30:


By appointment at 518-497-6931 ext. 8   or   518-497-6685

By email:  


Our website:





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