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Town of Chateaugay

191 East Main Street Chateaugay,NY 12920


Town Supervisor

Don Bilow



Director of Finance
Lori Rowe



Town Clerk

Phyllis Lemay


Code Enforcement

Jim Dumont



Amy Hewitt

518-497-6931 or



Tax Collector
Lynn Harrigan


Town Justice
Marie A. Cook


Highway Supervisor
Roger Labombard


Board Members:

William Trombly, Scott Cowan

Kirby Selkirk, Jim Harrigan




Welcome the Town of Chateaugay!


Chateaugay was settled in 1796 by Benjamin Roberts and Nathan Beman following their survey
of the area the year before.
By March 15, 1799, the local area had sufficient population to be declared a township within Clinton County.  The early years of the settlement were marked with hard work and survival of the remote, frontier conditions.  By 1800, the second US Census showed a population of 443 as the Town of Chateaugay encompassed all of the present Franklin County.
The War of 1812 impacted the town as troops were quartered here, a skirmish was fought just north of the present village and American troops that fought in the Battle of Chateauguay (Quebec) were staged here.
During the 1850’s, the opening of the Northern Railroad led to a boom time for the town.  Farmers could now ship their products much farther and other industries also took advantage of the increased markets.  Population crested and the town prospered.
In 1856, the town was ravaged by a tornado that destroyed or damaged 128 buildings just within the village itself.  More destruction occurred at various other locations in the township.
The village was incorporated in 1868. Eventually, water and electrical power systems were developed for village and town residents.
In 1879 the Chateaugay Academy was erected at the end of Church Street. In 1901, the Town Hall was built on Main Street.  From 1908 through 1911 Chateaugay hosted annual Fairs at the Agricultural Society fairgrounds at the end of Collins Street.
The 20th century saw Chateaugay citizens serve their country in two world wars, Korea, Viet Nam and other conflicts.  Many local projects and events helped to further develop and define our town; a new centralized school building complex, a Recreation Park, and a new fire station among them.
Today, Chateaugay is experiencing a revitalization that is spearheaded by strong community support and involvement in several recent projects. Among them are the new Chateaugay Memorial Library, a renovated Town Hall with its newly refurbished theater, and a local wind farm.

 Provided by the Chateaugay Historical Society

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