Can you or someone you know use this grant opportunity??


The Town of Chateaugay has recently purchased a subscription to MYCITY POCKET APP.  This new technology will enable the town to keep you up to date on all our local information.  The app will be used for local meeting reminders, events, rec park updates, etc.  It is super easy to get the app on your phone.  Simply go to either your Apple or Android store and download the MYCITYPOCKET APP.  After you have installed it just select Chateaugay, NY as your city and you are all set!! It is super easy to get, and it is  FREE!!  Once, you have it installed, just remember to swipe thru the screens to get all the updates.  Please feel free to contact Heather Locklin, Town of Chateaugay Theater Director at 518-497-6931, or if you need assistance with your app, or if you have any suggestions.

mycity app logo.png